Leadership Development

Leadership Priority #1

I assume that you are busy. Most everybody I know is. Even people who seem to have plenty of time fell the need to act like they are completely busy.
Ever see the movie “Office Space?”








Busy Busy Busy

So let’s all agree we are busy. What should be the top priority of a leader if she is going 100 miles an hour? Well, I would argue that priority #1 is to develop the best possible relationships with those she leads. I recently read a quote from Jeffrey Cohen and Jay Moran’s book entitled Why we are so bad at picking leaders. They said, “You can define leadership by the strength of their relationships.” Wow. If that is true than how I lead has everything to do with how I build and develop relationships with those that I lead.
Here is the one action step that I have learned over and over again. If I want to have strong, thriving relationships I have to do one thing: INITIATE.
I go first.
I pick up the phone.
I invite.
I listen.
I pick up the check.
I set up the tee time.
Whatever it is, I initiate. Every time I initiate, I increase the strength of my leadership and influence.