Self Mastery

My Next Level

For the past few years my friends and colleagues have been on me to start a blog. Ok… here goes. But why now? I think it has everything to do with this image.

In this simple picture I see three things that drive me forward.
1. Learning and Leading go together. What we learn needs to translate into the influence of others. Everything that has ever made a difference in someone else’s life was at some point shared learning. Why should I learn anything new and keep it to myself?
2. Learning and Leading are next to each other. They fit into the same picture. Most of the lessons I have learned over the course of my life have never really taken root until I applied it in the context of relationships with others.
3. Learning and Leading don’t happen automatically. They are like buttons that need to be pushed. On purpose.

So here is my next level: Learn… maybe like never before. In every situation where I am stuck. In every role that takes me out of comfort. In every relationship. In every opportunity… Learn. And then Lead.

Every Lesson requires Leadership. yep, that’s my next level. Could it be yours too?